Fresh student guidelines
  1. Create account HERE
  2. Generate Invoice for Application Form and Screening fees
  3. Pay the invoice generated
  4. Login with your Remita Reference Number (RRR) as username and password
  5. Create your profile and wait for admission
  6. Check your admission status regularly until admitted
  7. Come to the school for physical verification
  8. Upon successful verification, an invoice will be generated
  9. Pay the generated invoice to
  10. Proceed to central registration
Returning student guidelines
  1. Login with your admission number and password
  2. Pay your school fees & Proceed to course registration
Contacts for enquiries:
  1. Technical Issues: 08076820548
  2. Profile issues: 08062335229
  3. Payment issues: 08160062256
  4. Support: 08137076216
  5. General Information: 08165929616
  • All applicants/students making online payments are strongly advised to beware of fraudsters!
  • They may appear as "nice people who want to help you", but never have you trusted any stranger with your card details!
  • Do not ever give your card or reveal your card number, card PIN or password to anybody whatsoever!
  • Being careless about this advice could result in all monies in your account being stolen by strangers!
  • Applicants/Students/Parents/Guardians are strongly advised to desist from paying registration fees through University Staff. Parent and Students should pay registration fees directly to the University by themselves as the University would not accept responsibility for payments made through staff.
  • Please endeavor to always do things by yourself. If in doubt, please contact Al-Qalam University Help Desk (08165929616 or 08160062556).

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